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We are a boutique technology and web application development group. We have proven expertise in multiple industries including entertainment, merchandise, financial, testing, health sciences, and more. Our work includes systems for workflow management technology, content management systems, reporting, data warehousing, and mobile applications. Additionally, we are Amazon Web Services (AWS) Partners/Resellers and have the expertise to help with your cloud computing needs, including disaster recovery, data center migration, scalability and redundancy.


    We have technology skills and consulting experience including CIO strategy, Software Development Architecture, Database schema and Cloud Infrastructure. Specialties include security, cloud, redundancy, cloud fault tolerance, database redundancy, web application scaling, ecommerce, mobile, and queuing for high scale short traffic bursts. 


    We have developed three internal platforms which enable us to offer clients a head start with proven and tested technology right out of the gate. These solutions are cloud enabled, redundant, fully scalable, and secure. They can be customized as needed per client requirements for business logic or workflow.


  • Web Sites


    We have a complete web stack including Content Management System (CMS) and Client Relationship Management (CRM) with a full newsletter and blog service. This is used for web sites, venue systems, and fan clubs allowing the client user to focus on their content and not worry about the underlying technology.

  • Mobile


    We have a multi-tier web framework targeted to web-based mobile apps. This framework utilizes a responsive user interface enabled equally well for web screens or mobile screens with all the swipes, and thumb wheels mobile users are accustomed to on the small mobile screen.

  • Fetch

    Data Acquisition

    We have developed a full suite of tools for data acquisition. We can automatically pull public financial data, academic research data, human data, or price data. If you want to know how many search results your product is getting on any retail outlet like ebay or Amazon, we can tell you.


CvileIT offers in depth understanding of Cloud Computing. We are Amazon Web Services (AWS) partners, and are experts in AWS cloud computing. We got involved with cloud computing when we needed to scale our solutions literally overnight to handle high demand events. Since then, we have configured and migrated many software stacks to the cloud saving our clients often more than 40% of the hosting costs. However, of equal benefit is 1) improved scale since we can load balance just the front end web servers or the entire application suite, and 2) improved redundancy since we can fail over to data centers around the world.


  • In addition we can build a full redundant stack in the cloud, but idling at low cost, enabling a Disaster Recovery (DR) site for testing and satisfying any client DR need. We have found that our cloud expertise can be equally helpful in Microsoft environments where for example, we can use an open source load balancing front end to enable vast scale and cross-country redundancy at very low cost.

  • AWS Cloud Computing


Our platform enables full social integration to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Google+, Mobile, and the like. Our marketing people have great skills in driving traffic via social, traditional web ads, surgical advertising, email campaigning, web based contests, as well as integrating traditional advertising like print and radio.


A few of our clients and projects

  • A/T Media Services
  • American Energy Society
  • Automate Today
  • Berlitz
  • Charlottesville Tomorrow
  • Creative Perspectives, Inc.
  • EBidLocal
  • Greenlight Biofuels
  • Lockn' Music Festival
  • Live Nation
  • Management Services Corporation
  • Mangham Associates, Inc.
  • Musictoday
  • Performance Signs
  • Psychological Services Bureau, Inc. (PSB)
  • Red Light Management
  • Retail Data, LLC
  • Schedule Pop
  • SeniorLiving.net
  • Starr Hill Presents
  • Vmeals Acquisition, Inc.


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  • Marshall Lewis
    Fun Fact:

    Eagle Scout, Marine, lover of SciFi, amature astronomer, hiker, biker, and collector of watches (24 hour please).

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    Marshall Lewis

    Founder / Solution Architect
  • Del Wood
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    Inventor of RAIV, Redundant Array of Inexpensive Vehicles

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    Del Wood

  • Lloyd Wilson
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    He's Canadian eh.

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    Lloyd Wilson

    Application Architect
  • Derek Bernier
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    Holds record for the fastest time to watch all 75 episodes of Battlestar Galactica.

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    Derek Bernier

  • Carl Shapiro
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    Visiting all the states in the Continental US.

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    Carl Shapiro

  • Jeff Johnson
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    Can quote every line from Star Wars.

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    Jeff Johnson

  • David Hadwin
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    David loves to be outdoors, play games (not just video games) and coach soccer.

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    David Hadwin

  • Bonnie Wood
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    Bonnie used to play the harpsichord for Colonial Williamsburg and is also a trained yoga instructor. Read more

    Bonnie Wood

    Project Manager

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